10ml, 18 Gauge x 1.5" Sterile Syringe and Needle Combo (25pk)

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10cc Luer Lock Syringe with 18G x 1.5" Needle

Easytouch 10mL Syringe with Hypodermic Needle is made of stainless steel material that will not corrode in storage or once it has come in contact with fluids or liquids. When ready to use the syringe and needle you will find they are packaged individually. This is needed to keep the syringes and needles sterile and keep them from being contaminated. The clear barrel allows you to see the medication being supplied into the syringe while simultaneously reading out the proper measurement with the bold graduated scale with easy-to-read markings.

The Detachable Needle for added safety keeps people from accidentally sticking themselves with a hard cap. It can be removed and disposed of into a sharps needle disposal. to secure against improper disposal, which can cause harm to anyone around. The luer-locking ability allows replacing the needle by simply twisting it off if you ever need to remove the needle before disposing of it.

    • Latex Free
    • Luer Lock
    • Easy to read bold and precise numbers on barrel, for accurate dosage everytime
    • Leak proof seal reduces medication loss
    • Easy to hold Syringe
    • Ultra thin wall Needle for rapid and efficient Injection

    Luer Lock Syringes are interchangeable with any of these Hypodermic Needle

    High Quality: Each syringe is made of 100% standard grade plastic, clear scale and smooth plunger.
    Items that go with Sterile Medical Syringes are Sharp Needle Disposal and Alcohol Wipes

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