30Ga 4mm 5/32 Inch Luer Lock (50pk)

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Shortest Needle on the Market

  • Independent sterile sealed packaging
  • 30 Gauge 4mm needle
  • Disposable packaging.Easy to use
  • sold in 50pk
  • Luer Lock
  • Fits 1ml, 3ml, 5ml and 10ml Luer Lock Syringes

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Customer Reviews

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Kelvin Holt
They hurt more than the 1/2โ€ needles

I thought shorter would be less painful but for some reason my wife says that these 4mm needles hurt worse than the 1/2โ€ needles that I replaced them with. She is convinced that there is some issue with the bevel on the 4mm needles. I inspected the needles with a magnifier, stuck them through fabric and cotton balls and found no burrs, barbs, or deformities, nor anything else that might cause pain, other than a 30Ga needle. FYI, my wife has been injecting herself with needles of various length and gauges for several years, so I had to take her word for this.

Bottom Line - The needles LOOK fine to me, like regular medical grade needles, but this review is based on spousal feedback, Iโ€™m simply writing the review because I made the selection & purchase.