Accu-Relief TENS Massage (wireless)

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Target and Control your pain (wirelessly)


The compact yet powerful AccuRelief Wireless Pain Relief Device. The portable TENS unit for pain delivers high-level pain relief from the small wireless remote. Includes two gel TENS unit pads that surround your pain, as opposed to other competitive TENS products that come with one adhesive pad. Move around freely without wires while enjoying the effects of TENS therapy. AccuRelief is available without a prescription. A simple, drug-free solution for arthritic, muscular, joint, and back pain relief.

  • Wireless TENS pain relief. The Accurelief TENS unit uses a small wireless remote to deliver pain relief. The remote is compact enough to fit into your pocket, hidden from plain sight. Take the TENS unit anywhere without it being seen.
  • One pre-set program with three therapeutic phases. Target your pain and customize your treatments with the various settings on the TENS therapy unit. Each pre-set program offers different variations of treatment to help you ease your pain.
  • Blocks pain nerves to relieve pain. TENS units are an excellent source of pain relief. They help reduce various types of pain by blocking pain nerves, so you don't feel pain.
  • 30-minute treatment sessions. Set the TENS unit for 30-minute sessions and let it do its magic.
  • 25 levels of adjustable intensity. No pain is the same. The professional TENS unit has an adjustable intensity to meet the needs of chronic and acute pain.
  • Includes storage pouch. Carry your TENS unit with you wherever you go with the convenient storage pouch.
  • OTC approved. Once only available through doctors, TENS therapy is now available over the counter. Get the same pain relief recommended by doctors without the prescription.
  • Dual-channel. Surround your pain area with up to four electrodes. The dual channels let you have two pads on different settings than the other two.

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