Sterile 1ml, 25 Gauge Syringe with attached Needle (50pk)

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RELI® 1ml, 25 Gauge with 1 inch needle is an all in one unit that requires no assembly. Sterile and Individually packaged. Easy use. The needle retracts inside when the injection is completed. No messy sharps containers and no accidents. 

Activate Retraction: When injection has been completed, remove needle from patients arm and push hard on the top plastic flange. This will retract the needle into the syringe.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sean C.
Best Combo Ever

These syringes are the best thing since the invention of Cars! I love how I don't have to remove the needle. I just push the plunger (hard) all the way down the needle hides itself in the barrel. Yup, instant trash ready. No more having to worry about the needle. Its like magic.

Harold M.
Super Sharp

This Syringe and Needle Combo is the sharpest needle I have every used. 1 inch needle is the perfect size. Couldn't even feel the injection. Then when I was done I pushed hard on the top and the needle just magically disappears. It was fasinating that I had to do it with just the needle again. just to see it. I only really need about 20 so i have lots to spare. You should sell in 10 packs so we don't waste so much.

Mia S.
Fast Shipping

Doesn't waste my expensive meds. It has a pointy end (inside) so all medication is used. I pay a lot so I can't afford to lose medication.

Mitch T.

I thought I was getting 100 but it was ony 50. But the price was still good and the product was sealed and sterile so I would buy again.

Just M.
Fantastic Price

The 25 Gauge Syringe with needle are the best. Love how the needle doesn't come off. Feel extra secure. Easy to use and didnt even feel my injection. Will buy again