U-40 Cat Insulin Syringes 29G 1/2cc, 1/2" (30pk)

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Accurate dosing and painless delivery. This thin Insulin syringe is the most durable, useable and easy to use Cat Insulin Syringes.

Save yourself time and money when shopping with Day Medical Supplies. We offer secure direct delivery to your home or office. 

Each U-40 Pet insulin syringe comes individually sealed in a blister pack ensuring maximum safety and sterility. The barrels are made from medical-grade plastic that contains no latex, effectively eliminating allergic reactions

The numbers on the clear graduation barrel are bold and precise for correct dosing. Syringe is easy to hold and is equipped with a plunger that’s very easy to operate with one hand and is the most comfortable for injecting your diabetic cat or dog.

The plunger on the disposable small syringe won’t get stuck and creates a leak-proof seal.

Stock up on subcutaneous (under that skin) needles and syringes and save big! Every pack comes with (30) U-40 Thin 29G 1/2 mL 1ith 1/2"inch Needle Insulin Syringes


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